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There's fires burning outside of the area. The smoke and ash are winding up here making it hazy and smelling like a barbecue - time to whip out Apocalypse Now remark. Seriously, I'm grateful to not having any pre-existing breathing issues or living near the fires. The heat's let up some (smoke and ash overcast helps cut the sun's power some)and my brain feels up to composing an entry.

1) Binge watched all available episodes of Blood Drive. Fat Elvis and Clown Dick, we hardly knew you. Rib Bone, cause you got a cute little doggie that needs caring for, I'm not counting you out yet. Aki and Julian, will you marry me?

2) Prime Day was a bust for me. The dream router I wanted never happened. I consoled myself with a 10lb bag of diatomaceous earth and a discounted for the day Criterion Collection dvd of Grey Gardens.

3) Wynonna Earp second season keeps getting better and better!

4) Read The Missing Ones: An absolutely gripping thriller with a jaw-dropping twist steaming pile of crap (How the hell did you ever make Detective Lottie you will never be Olivia Benson Parker Book 1, DEAR GODS, NO, NOT A SERIES). Why does it have so many frickin stars on Amazon and Goodreads???!!! To give you the tip of the shit-berg: Our so-called detective goes off by herself on foot (she frequently walks around alone during the investigation, and it's winter with a ton of snow and ice on the ground) from a crime scene. She gets mugged and nearly strangled, but goes home and waits to report it the next day???!!! Also victim blames one of the deceased right after mugger gets scared off. This is all within the span of a chapter and a half. Lucky book, you are on my kindle, so I can't throw you against the wall.

5) With American Gods done, canceled Starz monthly subscription and got one to Shudder.

6) Got Princess Jellyfish 5 yesterday.

7) Congratulations, 13th Doctor. Who writers, DON'T screw this up.

8) RIP George Romero and Martin Landau :(

9) Third season of Rick and Morty on July 30th.

10) Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!

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Jul. 9th, 2017 08:53 pm
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Happy (belated) B-day, [personal profile] peterb!!!

Backup flute decided!

Jul. 9th, 2017 06:39 pm
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I had thought I could use my alto as a "backup" but 2 problems with that: 1) the alto is too different and 2) if I really need a backup for a performance, the alto is in the wrong key so I couldn't use it, anyway!

After intensive play-testing of 2 potential flutes, I decided to buy the little Trevor James 10XE student model from Judi. It was rented by a prospective student who gave it up after just 3 months.

  • My headjoint will fit on it - loosely, but we can probably wrap some teflon tape on it to snug it up if needed.
  • Smooth key mechanism.
  • Split E mechanism = easier to play said note
  • Basically brand new
  • A good brand that will keep resale value
  • Great sound for this level of flute
  • I wouldn't feel bad if I didn't play it very often
  • I wouldn't feel bad playing it in cold weather, or taking it on trips where it might get damaged, lost, or stolen
  • Since it is so new, it's more than I'd prefer to spend on a backup flute
  • Might be mean of me to buy it when there's a student somewhere who would like to have a great starter flute at a great price
  • It has an offset G, which my flute doesn't have (although switching back and forth should be fine no more than I'm going to be playing it)

The other flute I looked at was an Amadeus 700, solid silver w/ open holed keys; just too nice for a backup. It was much beloved by a very talented, serious flute student of my teacher for many years. However, her mother found an Altus 1207 on Craigslist that was apparently a STEAL, so she has had to part with this one.
  • It was a lovely flute!
  • The cut is somewhat similar to my headjoint (closer than the TJ, anyway)
  • My headjoint fits the body of the Amadeus like it was made for it
  • There's a possibility I could use it as a cheap upgrade for my flute since it's solid silver and mine isn't
  • I wouldn't play it enough to really do it justice.
  • Older instrument
  • Higher price; I could put that $1000 toward a true upgraded body for my current flute instead
  • I wouldn't want to take it out in the cold any more than I would my own flute
  • It would definitely be rotten of me to buy it as a backup when it's an excellent quality, reasonably-priced step-up flute that some high school student might really be grateful for the chance to buy and play...
I could've kept shopping around, but I really cottoned to the TJ, and I like to have decisions made, so there you have it. Not to mention I like and trust Judi. If she says it'll play like new after sitting in a case for ?? months/years, she'd be the one to know. It makes me feel a little fuzzy inside that she approves of how I care for my instruments, too! <3

New media player remote.

Jul. 8th, 2017 11:49 am
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I almost forgot!
Along with the media center, Aaron picked up this super cool new remote.
It. Is. Amazing. It uses a usb dongle, so I can have the media player behind things and the remote still just works. 💕

The front is a standard remote.

The back is a keyboard!

Cleaning closet makeover

Jul. 8th, 2017 10:42 am
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I wish I had snapped the before shot.. but this change up was more of a whim, and so it didn't occur to me until I was finished.

Just picture the closet with two deep shelves near the very top, and a big empty space/cleaning tool clutter piled up in the open lower space.

Now there are five narrow shelves that go down the wall, and it works so much better.
I found cleaning supplies buried in there that I hadn't recalled having, let alone buying. They'd been buried in a cluttered mess so long. 😂

Much better. 💕


Stuff and Things

Jul. 8th, 2017 10:11 am
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Been more in a micro posting mode, since I’ve been flitting around and not sitting still for too long lately.

Things sorta have lapsed in the whole posting of long entries area for a bit.

Life is just chugging along as usual. The weather has been really lovely lately so we’ve been having BBQed burgers more often. So that’s been awesome.
My strawberry plants on the patio are getting berries a little at a time, so that is pretty fantastic too. Some decent sized ones, too.

Moved my little wading pool into the center of the raised bed area, where the ground is a bit more level. Of course right after that we had cooler and windier days, so I haven’t needed to sit in it again yet.

Oh, There was one of those huge propane tanks you can rent sitting at the side of our house, and the other day we finally had it carted off. They showed up a day late, but it’s gone now. Originally they were to be over on Tuesday, but were a no show. They had called, but left no message it seems. You’d think they would have said ‘hey, we’ll be here the following day’ or something.

The tank was here when we moved in, and we sort of inherited the payments for it. Initially we were going to see if someone could repair the insert fireplace it hooks to, as the fireplace was doa when we moved in. Not one company ever got back to us about repairs (I lie, a year later we got a call asking if it ‘still needed repaired’… ), and so we’ve finally just said screw it.

We are going to (one day) just pull it out and put in an electric one in its place. The space looks a lot bigger now, with out the huge tank there. Super happy we don’t have that yearly payment anymore.

Oh, I had a disappointed moment the other day. I had another pile of donations, so I got it all set up to be picked up on the 5th. They called to verify and say to have it out by 8am, and they’d be by between 8am-6pm…. well… they were a no show.

At ten minutes to 6pm I called the number … which gave me voice mail. I left a message with my name, number and the home address they were supposed to pick up at. And then I emailed the two contacts I have in my address book for the donation place.

Not a word back … until yesterday. And that was just one message, from the head office, asking for my phone # (which I sent, again). A few hours after that another email came in saying they’d forward the info to the Victoria branch?? Why the frack didn’t the first eMail just give me the Victoria branch contact info?

Any how, long story short, I’m still waiting to hear from.. anyone.
I’ll wait til the middle of next week, and then I’m calling the Big Brothers/Big Sisters donation pick up place.

Oh, and on Thursday.. I think it was Thursday, this week has been a blur… anyway, on Thursday while I was listening to an audiobook my phone swelled up, and separated the casing down the whole left side. Dang it.

Some searching in forums says it may have been caused by using a case on the phone while wirelessly charging with the fast charge function . Things heat up and can’t dissipate as well because of the case.

We went to Rogers, and at first we’re going to get S7s again, but the sales guy sold me on the S8. It has a better camera for darker situations, the bigger screen was a selling point too. And it is so much faster than the S7. And the wireless fast charger has cooling fans built in so that’s a bonus.

Unfortunately, the computers were down company wide, and so we drove all the way there just to find out they can’t sell anything until the computers are back up. Ack!
He offered $50 off if we would return when the systems were back up, and so we ask him to set aside the phones for us. Then we left our contact info, and went to pick up Noodle Box and head home again.

When we are about half way home we get the call 😜😆 The systems were back up. So Aaron turns around and we head back. At this point he’s talked himself into getting one as well. (Which in the end turned out to be a great idea, as he hadn’t noticed, because his phone case was more aggressive, but his phone was doing the same as mine).

We got there and picked up two S8s (plus $100 off), two cases and a wireless fast charger charger (30% off). Their systems are sloooooow, so we were there for quite a while, but finally did get to walk away with new phones.

I spent a little while getting things set back up (thank goodness for Samsung cloud, made getting apps and such back so easy.)

Yesterday was a windy, but laid back, day. I did a bunch of yard work and listened to audiobooks mainly. “The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron” 🤣

While I was doing outside stuff Aaron posted the old phones on a local classified page (free, needs repaired). They were picked up shortly after. So that was awesome.

Once I was done with outdoor stuff I did my treadmill time (I try to get at least 18k in a day lately).

A newer, faster, Kodi media player Aaron had ordered arrived in the mail while I was doing things, and he gave it to me when I came inside.
I hooked it up in the bedroom.

Now that we know it works like a dream we’ll get another to replace the older livingroom one too. The older units don’t like playing some of the newer files, and so the update was long due. Nothing like having tv or film files that won’t play. Anyhow, I got that all set up with our home media server, and then turned on the Monkees series (woohooo!).

After that was done I bopped along like a dork and started adding fairy lights to my wicker teardrop chair.

Speaking of fairy lights… Aaron had clicked the buttons on them the four or five days ago .. and I kept meaning to fix it because it made the one lit strand do chasing instead of steady lights.

Last night I finally went out to fix that. I was like ‘what the hell’ and clicked the power buttons on the un lit strands …. and they lit up. 😀 I’m not sure what is going on.

All I can think is maybe the two strands that were not lighting could never fully charge initially, and when he switched them off they had a chance to. I am thrilled.

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