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I don't want everyone to like me. I'd think less of myself if some people did.

You are always free to leave.

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Birthdate:Oct 2
Location:Scranton, Kansas, United States of America
I'm the nicest asshole you'll never meet. Introvert. Lover of tattoos, animals, my daughter, my husband, books, staying home, the rain, campfire mochas from Caribou. I love to laugh & make others laugh. I don't take myself too seriously.

I'm an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs test. I know a lot of people don't believe in those things but I definitely do. The definition of an INFJ fits me perfectly plus I found out quite a bit about myself.

You'll find all kinds of things in my journal. I post about day to day life, work....the usual. I try to put any pics, memes or lengthy entries behind a cut. Hey, I'm considerate every now & then.

I'm not into fandoms, anime, gaming & I could not give 2 shits about your sex life. If you post about subjects that I have a very strong conviction about (cheating on your spouse or SO, doing drugs that are illegal, putting a child or animal in danger etc) then I will remove you. It's your journal & you are 100% free to post about anything you want. Just as I have a 100% decision to NOT be exposed to it.

I do partake in doing a friends trim periodically. I post on a somewhat regular basis so if you've been around for a month or so & you do not interact with me then I will remove you. I'm here to form actual friendships. Not to entertain lurkers. I make a public post about the upcoming trim so those that are removed can remove me as well. I have no problem in telling people WHY I remove them but you're going to have to message me & ask. Otherwise I'll just figure you couldn't care less about it.

On that same note if you think I'm not commenting much on your posts then it's either because:
1. Your posts are too long. It's difficult for me to focus on long entries & if my attention hasn't been piqued within the first 2 paragraphs then the odds that I read the rest of your entry is very, very slim.
2. I honestly have no opinion on your post.
3. I haven't had time to read it or it has ended up so far down my flist, I've forgotten about it.

My journal is Friends Only so unless you want to stare at my only public post when you visit me, just leave me a comment there & let me know how you found me & that you'd like to add me. I get notifications so I'll see it & get you added back if I feel we would get along.

And lastly, if we add each other, I do try to go back & read some of your older entries. I'm trying to get to know you & a bit about what's happening in your life....& things you've gone through. It helps me get an idea of who & why you are. So don't be creeped out if you get some comments from me on your older entries.

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